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Tourism Autorithy of Thailand Licence No 12/02027


Land of Smiles!
Bangkok - Asian shocking metropolis. South - paradise islands of white sand beaches, turquoise water. North - original culture, amazing mountains covered by jungle.

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Asian "Africa"
Country of former Khmer Empire. Angkor Wat - the largest city in the world before the age of industry. The richness of wild, untamed nature.

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Simply beautiful!

Uncontaminated "big" tourist pearl of Southeast Asia. For lovers of culture and unspoiled nature. Visit Laos before the Chinese discover it!

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 Country of contrast.

From it’s natural assets; pristine sandy beaches, the wonder of limestone islands in Halong Bay, the mountainous north, to its historical marvels.

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Unique experience.

After years of isolation now open for tourism. Offered fascinating nature, variety of ethnic,  pagodas muliplicity.

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About us

Excellent Thailand Travel is the leader of the Group which also includes Chang Puak Gate and Baanthara Travel, which entered into business in 2003. We run three offices in the major parts of the country, which enables us to always be at hand to see to our guests' comfort.

The secret of our success is combining our Thai partners' and employees' experience with the western management style. This regards first and foremost the logistics and supervision on a current basis. 

At present, we assist thousands of visitors a year. Our guests come from all over the world. We also cooperate with travel agencies in several countries. We will be glad to commence cooperation with new agencies, as there are practically no limitations in terms of the number of visitors or even the most sophisticated requirements of our guests that we can accommodate.

Why choose us:

Perfect knowledge of the tourist base and the realities in this part of Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

Out team consists of more than 30 people - natives of the "Land of Smiles", Laos and Cambodia. All of us have a long-standing experience in the tourism business, which means we have a perfect knowledge of the realities, the concrete destinations and tourists' preferences. As a result, the exotic holidays we organize are always top-notch.


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